Bravehearts Catholic Men's Ministry Welcomes
Deacon John Manera
"Vigilant Gaurdian in Today's Relentless Culture"
A SpirituaLeadership 
Workshop for Men

Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical on Devotion to St. Joseph describes St. Joseph as “the guardian of the Son of God and … the administrator, and the legal defender of the divine house.” St. Joseph is a model of self-sacrificial love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Son of Man Jesus Christ. We see St. Joseph as a Vigilant Guardian of the Divine House, guided by the power of God in a turbulent and violent culture.

It is in the spirit of St. Joseph’s example that Bravehearts presents how to become “Vigilant Guardians in Today’s Relentless Culture”. This morning’s event will be divided into three small discussions/workshops. Each session will provide proven guidance focusing on building your abilities to become a Christ-centered leader. These abilities will help you not only in your personal family life but can be equally applied to the world outside you home.

Part I – Human Dynamics is meant to equip you with the ability to understand why people do the things they do. You will discover what qualities of individuals help motivate them to stay positive, creative and constructive.

Part II – Leadership Foundations will focus on establishing non-negotiable attributes of effective leadership. With Jesus as the core model we will work on establishing the necessary priorities in your life that will invite the power of God through His grace to help you in the battle of raising a family and leading others, rising above the challenges of our culture. Additionally we will discuss the power of the words we choose to use as well as refining ways to better understand those we lead. In doing so we will explore the spiritual dimension of the human person recognizing the power of God’s grace and the driving force and ally He is in guiding those we lead.

Part III – Shepherding Others will improve your ability to empathize with other people, and help you to discover in the other person what their particular need may be. Equipped with this knowledge you can guide them to become more fulfilled in what it is they choose to do. Gaining this understanding will enable you to become the leader God has intended you to be, leading others by winning their hearts. 

Deacon John Manera will be the guide leading these sessions. In addition to being an ordained Deacon in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Deacon John has successfully held leadership positions in the Information Technology field and was certified as an instructor in Professional Leadership Training. These skills give Deacon John a unique perspective on how to incorporate our Catholic Faith into becoming an effective leader modeled after the perfect Leader Jesus Christ.

Please come and join us for a faith filled morning of learning and fellowship. By participating we hope that you too will become Vigilant Guardians in Today’s Relentless Culture.

You can find out more about Deacon John Manera and this seminar at
Saturday Dec 7th, 2013
St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lake Orion, MI
Myrick Hall
7:00 a.m - Mass
7:45 a.m. - 8:15 p.m. Event registration and snack
8:30 a.m 11:30 a.m.- Event.
Cost -  A freewill donation of $10.00.

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